Mancium Lists on P2PB2B on April

MANC and Mancium: What is it?

MANC expands its blockchain presence with Mancium. With their games released, the company has become one of Turkey’s favourite game developers, offering everyone the opportunity to become part of the ecosystem for all the games that they have released. Mancium will be available on world-recognized blockchain exchanges and you’ll be able to invest in MANC.

In February 2022, MANC launched the Mancium Token ($MANC), a utility token for the MANC Games and the MANC ecosystem. Mancium represents the decentralized nature of MANC and recognizes its explosive growth. This is a major step towards achieving mass adoption and usage of Web3 by hundreds of millions of people.

MANC will only accept Mancium Token ($MANC) for all purchases. Users will also receive benefits, such as stake interests and bonuses, based on how long they hold their Manciums. MANC Academy is also available to Mancium holders. Manciums won’t only be used by MANC Academy candidates, but also by Metaverse enthusiasts. MANC game apps can only be downloaded by Mancium holders and holders of MANC-linked NFTs.

What makes it special?

  • Community Growth. MANC games are already played by millions of people with more to come. A successful project depended on an efficient strategy, the right projects being selected, and the right people;
  • Manc Academy. MANC Academy provides aspiring game developers with the education, resources, and guidance they need to build the games of the future. Mancium’s ecosystem of stakeholders offers students access to a wide variety of training modules, as well as collaboration opportunities;
  • Gaming Market Worldwide. Investments continue to flow into mobile game initiatives. While this is happening, gaming companies and independent developers are constantly seeking ways to ensure their positions in the market remain stable. Blockchain technology is now providing alternative funding options for investors and developers.

$MANC will soon become available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you are interested in this project, you can join its community. Also, don’t forget to follow Mancium on social media:




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P2PB2B Team is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users.

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