There are currently few businesses accepting cryptocurrency. The major reason is volatility on the market and the inability to use them for quick microtransactions due to the lack of payment infrastructure in place.

PDX intends to reach universal de facto acceptance of crypto payments by creating a new send/receive app that instantly exchanges crypto for fiat. Through the use of token ownership and usage, PDX believes that massive price fluctuations can be mitigated through easy ways to use digital currencies.

How can the problem be solved?

As opposed to most of the current payments systems, which force vendors to pay high fees to many pain points in the middle of the transaction, PDX’s payments platform will be a peer-to-peer (P2P) network without any middlemen other than the PDX system itself. Through PDX’s crypto and blockchain wallet, users can invest, store, spend, earn, lend, borrow, and receive payments in various crypto assets. Additionally, merchants and vendors will be instantly settled in their preferred fiat currency, versus waiting up to 4 days. Because the PDX payments app will support not only PDX Coin, but up to 100 of the other top cryptocurrencies, it will greatly expand both liquidity and utility to all users, and be a highly attractive on-ramp for hundreds of millions of current and new crypto users globally, with the very real prospect of greatly speeding up mainstream mass crypto adoption. The PDX platform is also designed and expected to quickly become a popular onramp towards payments in the Metaverse, as it is perfectly suited to function as a real world-to-Metaverse bridge.

PDX’s payment platform will also offer full-service digital banking capabilities as well as advanced trading and custody technology for hedge funds, money managers, corporations, and individual investors. By linking to PDX’s emerging globally-capable virtual banking business, the PDX payments app will effectively function as a full-stack bank on every phone or desktop that downloads it, bringing the same banking, trading, and payments functions to people all over the world, from the poorest unbanked villager to the richest people, as well as enhance the banking, payments, and invoicing capabilities of small businesses the world over. And it will change the game for foreign workers seeking to remit earnings to their home countries, drastically cutting the time and fees they presently experience.

Furthermore, the company plans to soon complete the development of a new, decentralized, and autonomously governed blockchain protocol called “Siberia.” Siberia will offer ultra-high speeds, low costs, and high transaction capacities of more than one million transactions per second. The platform will eliminate the “gas” fees associated with Ethereum and other blockchain platforms. PDX will then move off the Ethereum blockchain and migrate to Siberia once completed. To reward PDX Coin holders, Siberia coins will be added to their wallets as a one-off special dividend. Siberia is being specced and built purposefully to perform at levels far superior to Cardano, Solana, and Polkadot, among others. Siberia will further accelerate PDX into the DeFi and NFT spaces, as well as the metaverse, where we will also enter partnerships to develop gaming and gambling content, and it will be a tool that encourages hundreds of developers to come aboard and develop applications and products in smart contracts, DeFi, NFT etc. The platform will be cross-chain capable, and shareable.

How to get PDX Coin?

PDX is currently holding a token sale session on the P2PB2B exchange. As an added bonus, you will receive 10% off PDX. Up until December 5th, you can purchase coins and join the community. Afterwards, the token will be listed on the P2PB2B exchange. Till then, get ready for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B to buy and trade.

The Project’s Community:
🔷Website: pdxcoin.io
🔷 Telegram: t.me/PDXToken
🔷 Twitter: twitter.com/CoinPdx
🔷 Facebook: facebook.com/pdxcoin/




p2pb2b.com is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users.

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P2PB2B Team

P2PB2B Team

p2pb2b.com is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users.

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