What problems does bitcci solve?

The sex industry is plagued with the underrecognition of sex workers and the consumption of sexual services, manifesting itself as a shadow economy.

Due to this, the industry faces these difficulties:

  1. Conflicts between government regulations;
  2. A number of issues affect sex workers’ work and lives (lack of safety, insurance, health services, inconsistencies in labour law, etc.);
  3. Establishments face quality and safety concerns, inconsistent zoning policies, and other issues.

How can this be solved?

bitcci seeks to solve these challenges in the following way:

  • Through its ecosystem, bitcci strives to change people’s perceptions and perceptions of sexual services so that they no longer associate them with negative associations. To reduce negative perceptions of the industry, the team is preparing comprehensive and innovative strategies in collaboration with the regulatory authorities;
  • bitcci will make the sex industry more acceptable to society by encouraging sex workers to register, participate, and be involved in its ecosystem in a legal, unrestricted way;
  • It places great value on the well-being of sex workers and will take numerous measures to protect them, including providing healthcare insurance coverage and remote diagnosis, tools for managing reputation on the go or on the job, etc.
  • Sex workers will be provided with specialized training covering all aspects of their work and personal lives;
  • bitcci team will first meet with immigration offices, licensing agencies, and tax authorities of EU countries to identify a uniform licensing procedure;
  • bitcci Nightclub Network will be housed in new, modern, high-tech buildings with sex industry-specific design, equipment, workflow, control, and security. In addition, its own IT platform, “bitcci Systems”, will provide a club management system including a POS system, a personnel planning program, room planning, statistics, etc.
  • Each bitcci nightclub will feature a first-class / 5-star hotel-style wellness area, bar, restaurant, and meeting facilities. They will also adopt a culture of free self-determination. The same will apply to sex workers and bitcci employees.

Where can you find bitcci cash tokens?

You can buy bitcci cash tokens by joining the bitcci token sale session on its website.

20 billion tokens will be sold in the ICO. More than 35% have been sold to more than 2000 token holders until now. bitcci cash token buyers may sell their tokens immediately after the ICO ends, or offer them on trading platforms. Immediately following the ICO, the bitcci cash token is expected to appear on P2PB2B.

Sounds interesting? Join the bitcci cash token ICO on its website and prepare for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B! Also, don’t forget to follow bitcci on social media:

The Project’s Community:
🔷 Website: bitcci.cc
🔷Twitter: twitter.com/bitcci
🔷Telegram Group: t.me/bitcci




p2pb2b.com is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users.

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P2PB2B Team

P2PB2B Team

p2pb2b.com is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of its users.

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